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in virginia. quite a bit of damage in montgomery county, maryland. quite a bit of trees down. that's loudon county. numerous trees down. a 61-miles-per-hour measured wind gust. multiple trees down. there you can see the last of the thunderstorms now rolling across st. marys county. they are not severe. cooler lower humidity on the way. details forecast coming up. >> thanks, buddy. damage reports continue to pour into the newsroom. many from montgomery county where dozens of trees came down. one of the trees landed on a house. darcy spencer is live with that story. darcy? >> reporter: we were out driving in the truck during the storm this afternoon. it was very frightening. we were on river road heading out of the district. like anything struck one of the traps formers. there was a loud explosion. parts of river road were closed. there was a tree down on the road. people were driving on the wrong side of the road. it was scary for anyone out in this. this is what a lot of people are seeing in their neighborhoods. you can see a tree is blocking this road. people cannot come in. people cannot
from maryland is among the injured. and tonight terror expert have a new concern. this is the first time this militant group has carried out an attack outside somalia. >> reporter: the final minutes of the world cup association tournament in johannesburg. millions glued to television screens all over the world. in uganda, it was an opportunity for terror. three bombs ripped through bars as fans watched the match. there was no warning. >> an explosion. and then the second one went off. >> reporter: at least one american was kill in the bombings. a san diego based aid group called invisible children named him. while others were wounded. ugandan police believe a militant group from somalia with ties to al qaeda may have been responsible for the bombs. a severed head and legs indicate they were suicide attack. >> they have started using suicide bombings, they target civilians and that's on one side. they engage in conventional guerrilla war. but they are using explosives and suicide bombings. a very unpleasant form of war fare. >> reporter: last week, the commanders called for attacks a
at the university of maryland are scared. >> everyone i talk to is always looking for jobs. especially now. >> reporter: and looking for the start of a strong recovery with lots of hiring. meanwhile, the touchy political issue of extending unemployment benefits will remain unsettled. at least until senate gets back from its break in ten days. i'm steve handelsman, capitol hill. >>> the next jobs report along with pay roll fell for the first time in six months, sent stocks tumbling and ends a dismal week. it fell about 46 points today to close at 9686. the nasdaq also dropped by about ten points to chose at 2092. the s&p 500 ended about five points lower to close at 10.23. >> sally may is leaving northern virginia. it is the nation's largest student hender. officials in delaware announced today that the outfit sally mae is moving its corporate headquarters from reston, virginia, to newark, del tell. they say they will recommend that they receive a state grant of 3% of the capital investment at the new site with a cap of $3 million. the new headquarters is expected to open in march. >>> when
, maryland. as you see behind me, these power lines are over falls road, causing some cars to actually turn around other. cars like the ones behind me to go in the far lane. hoping to alternate. pepco is hoping to have full power restored throughout montgomery county in 48 hours or later. >> thanks, chris. >>> pepco, the crews are working all around the clock. they have an awful lot of work ahead of them. we have not seen power outages since hurricane isabel in 2003. >> we're joined by pepco's joseph rigby. are you there? >> yes, i am. >> tell us what pepco is doing to get everybody's power turned back on and why is it taking so long? >> well, start with the why. this is a pretty extraordinary storm. it came through yesterday afternoon, 60-mile-an-hour winds have ripped through the metropolitan area. and as i just was listening to your broadcast and the recounting of the trees down, we have reports of over 1400 wears down that you can get a sense of the extent of the damage. with regard to what we're doing to get power restored, we're bringing all of our resources to bear. all of the resour
because the heat can cause the tracks to kink. now the maryland transit administration is extending the hours of its customer call center so that it can provide information about delays to passengers. callers can reach the hotline at 1-800-325-rail. that's 1-800-325-7245. the mta says until further notice, those phones will be staffed until 11:00 at night. >>> newly unsealed documents in the case of yeardley love reveal new evidence to the case. today a judge released the details of the search warrant outlining what police found and what was missing from several key locations. yeardley love was found dead in her charlottesville apartment in early may. police have charged george huguely, her ex-boyfriend and a uva men's lacrosse player with her murder. the search warrant states that police took swabs of red stains, most likely blood from all over love's apartment, including on sheets and the wall. they also found a note from huguely there. in huguely's apartment, the found a uva lacrosse t-shirt with a red stain on it, another note addressed to love, and a pair of shorts with his pas
orleans. >>> a 12-year-old who went under at a pool dark home in upper marlboro, maryland, has died tonight, and the man who who have jumped in to rescue the child has also died. it happened about 2:30 this afternoon at the intersection of fair haven avenue and midland turn. darcy spencer has more. >> reporter: authorities stay two victim a 12-year-old boy and his 59-year-old uncle. both were pronounced dead earlier this afternoon. apparently the 12-year-old boy jumped into a neighbor's pool here in the 9,300 block of midland turn. at some point, some friends realized he was at the bottom of the pool in the deep end, about eight feet deep. his uncle, 59 years old, jumped into the pool to attempt a rescue. and became a victim himself. the fire and rescue officials were called in and arrived about. >> about six minutes. both uncle and nephew were removed from the pool. they had no pulse and were not breathing at the time. they were taken to the area hospitals in extremely critical condition, we're told the homeowner was not even aware that the boy had jumped in. >> the 12-year-old was
50s by wake-up time tomorrow morning. and then climbing quickly into the 60s. maryland, plaque top hills, orchard, dropped down to 52 degrees. right now it is an even 70 degrees in fire department. great falls, virginia, great te. 75 after a 55-degree start this morning. and even gaithersburg. i mentioned al going to see a very substantial warming trend next weekend. here's why. like the temperature in the high plains. when bismarck, north dakota, is nosing in on 100 degrees, that's about two or three days away from us. the warm air comes up over the ridge of high pressure that's been steering our weather very effectively, bringing the cool air in on the front end of it. pushing the tropical storm and eventually hurricane alex all the way into part of mexico. lot of moisture across texas and louisiana. that area of high pressure which pushed alex out. it will open up the flood gate to bringing in an enormous. a humidity as we get into the middle part of next week. no rain in the forecast. a couple of showers across the carolinas and georgia. the heavy industrial strength rains down
. even washington, 108. annapolis, maryland, 123 degree heat and that may be a little on the high side from the measuring and heat index values 100 or better and another sizzler coming tomorrow and storms likely tomorrow afternoon and we'll talk about that and some of them could be severe. don't go away, but tomorrow looks like another cooker. craig? >> chuck, thank you so much. many heard those warnings and they stayed out of the heat today, but apparently not everyone listened. some people seem to be taking the triple digits in stride, huh? >> reporter: they certainly do. i have to admit, craig, that sometimes i volunteer for the hot weather assignment because the heat doesn't really bother me and i know it bothers a lot of of other people and i'll go ahead and do the assignment. if you think about it, people pay a lot of money and they take time off to the nation's capital for their vacation and they're not going to sit inside a hotel room, but if you take a look behind me, there aren't that many people out. they're taking a break from this heat. >> in many parts of the region it lo
by russia is part of a swap is from maryland. ahead, hear what neighbors have to say about the man that was sentenced to 18 years in a russian jail. plus the big bang that brought down a bridge in the midwest overnight, and a local gym that is giving at-risk kids off the streets will likely have to close its doors. >> stephen straussburg out for a couple of awards. plus, we're talking about mike williams, the offensive lineman, the redskins could be out for the season. details as news 4 at 6:00 continues. >>> tonight, a new cap may finally stop the oil gushing into the gulf. a deadly day for americans into afghanistan and >>> in a matter of second it is, crews brought down a bridge in kansas city. highway crews imploded that bridge over interstate 70 early this porning. they making way for a new, larger bridge scheduled to open this fall. crews immediately began working to remove the debris. they hope to have i-70 reopened in time for monday morning's rush hour. one of the four spies released from russia in the largest spy swap since the cold war is from the baltimore area. al exan
, both teenagers were in serious condition. >> maryland state highway officials say the local bridges are okay after yesterday's earthquake. surveillance cameras were rolling in motor cars in germanton. when the quake hit at 5:04 yesterday, no one was hurt and no serious damage was reported from the quake. officials did say aftershocks could occur after the next few days. >>> tourists work to beat the summer heat that's been pounding the d.c. area. check out the kids, they ran over a sprinkler in the national mall and even adults took time to cool off as well. they lounged by a fountain. the question now, kim martucci, how hot did it get? >> we venture onned, what a surprise, into the 90s. we have the dog days of summer going on and here's what we can expect. 90s, 90s, 90s. so far we've been lucky and we dodged the drops, but, you know what? we'll get with them at some point probably by the beginning of the week and we have hot 90s for several more days and we are tying a previous stretch of 90-degree weather in a row. the storms monday and tuesday. i'm going to get the scoop on when
, maryland, last year. police believe he used his job to pick his victims and track them down. pat collins has more on this. >> reporter: jim, they say he youed a computer to help target his victims, a thief, a robber, a killer, linked to five murders in prince george's county and possibly other crimes in other places. at a table inside police headquarters, part of the team that worked this double-double murder case, the potential suspect described as a monster. >> i think we will go down as one of the most foul criminals and murderers in the history of the united states of america. >> reporter: this investigation went on for more than a year and a half. tonight we learn more about this person of interest. since he hasn't been charged we can't say his name but sources say he is 27 years old, a graduate of the university of maryland, that he has a degree in computer science technology, that he worked for a delivery service and had access to customer databases, that he used that information to select his targets. they say he lived in the neighborhood where the murders happened. they say he's
on the court in the white oak area of montgomery county. utility crews from pennsylvania and northern maryland worked around the many downed trees to repair the broken line. work on the street was delayed because someone stole some of the fallen power line that would have been used in the repair. but neighbor george wordsington who had his power restored wednesday night said they are used to being at the end of the line with pepco. >> a common occurrence. we're on a small feeder line. they're primary concern is to get the cash register ringing again. >> reporter: that kind of frustration was on full display at pepco this afternoon when four customers still without power confronted pepco president tom graham about why they were still in the dark. >> again, may apologies for the inconvenience. >> reporter: the news conference, pepco conceded it should have done better communicating with customers. >> we've had admittedly we've had some technology challenges. when things sell down, starting next week, we're going to start taking a hard look at that. because we owe our customers better informing t
.c. and maryland area that will be without it tonight. reporting live on 10th street northeast. back to you. >> thank you. >>> there are now water restrictions in place in frederick, maryland. today mayor randy mcclement asked residents to voluntarily conserve water until further notice. tend intense heat and minimal rainfall have result in lower water levels. officials suggest that people minimize the use of their garbage disposal. use refrigerated water instead of running the tap for cold drinks and use a broom, he says, instead of a hose to clean your driveway or your sidewalk. >>> another hearing planned to talk about metro's deadly crash of last summer. members of the washington area congressional delegation will meet fwri the head of the national transportation safety board. they'll learn more about the ntsb's findings and recommendations. the ntsb blamed a faulty electronic circuit and metro's safety culture on the deadly crash that killed nine people last june. >>> a toddler is in serious condition after a chemical accident. i happened this morning in the 2500 block of 17th street n
were being baked on the dashboard yesterday in maryland. this was part of humane society. they wanted to demonstrate how hot your car gets and why you should never leave your car inside. 120 degrees and higher and it was earlier this month that there was a yellow lab in maryland that died after being left in the car. that's what you don't want to do. 97 after starting out at 77 degrees. now we've had ten consecutive days. 90 degrees or higher the last time we did that was 2007. and with more heat on the way, more 90s. i think we're going to be going another page back in the record books. currently, 97. it feels like 105 with the dew point temperature at 69 degrees. and human at 41%. so we've gotten that wind shift out of the southwest. and it is good enough to pull more humidity across the area. by 9:00, we dropped to 87. and then 85 degrees by 11:00 p.m. some partly cloudy skies for the morning and starting out already, 75 to about 80 degrees. we're going to do it all over again on saturday and perhaps even monday morning. another very warm start. again, all because of this pattern.
>>> that's it for news 4 at 5:00. >> news 4 at 6:00 starts right now. >>> a maryland man behind bars accused of sexually assaulting a teenager he met on myspace. >>> crews work to go clean up thes massive oil leak say a new cap could contain the spill within the next few days. >>> hundreds of northern virginia residents upset by the decision to close an 80-year-old lemt tar school. but first tonight at 6:00, the largest spy swap between the united states and russia since the cold war is now complete. good evening, everybody. >> the u.s. traded ten arrested russian spies for four people convicted of betraying moscow to the west. about 30 minutes ago, a charter plane carrying the spies swapped landed at dulles international airport here. this is the live picture from our chopper 4. we'll have a live report from dulles in just a moment, but we begin with nbc's martin fletcher. >> reporter: it was the quickest spy swap experts can remember. arranged in a matter of days to quickly end an embarrassing spy scandal between the united states and russia. russia didn't want the embarrassme
for hours last month, now they are eligible for special benefits from the maryland transit administration. they receive five free vip passages for a marc train. on june 21st a train broke down leaving passengers stranded without air conditioning. two people were taken to the hospital and treated for heat exhaustion. >>> a catholic priest has been arrested in fairfax county accused of sexually abusing a child. he is from wheeling, west virginia. 44-year-old felix owino was taken into custody last wednesday. he has been suspended. he was on summer break from his teaching duties when the alleged incident happened. he has a court hearing september 2. >>> d.c. police are trying to figure out what happened to a double shooting at 7th and o streets northwest. two men were shot. both are expected to survive. police have not released any information. >>> d.c. police believe they may have solved five murders with the arrest of one man. ron brosbon jr. was arrested on friday. he was involved in at least five deadly shootings dating back to 1994. >>. >> the d.c. council is considering legislation to
spring, maryland, builders are working woin on winchester homes. amtrak put an emergency heat plan in place to make sure passengers don't suffer like they did a couple of weeks ago when a marc train lost power and stranded passengers in sweltering heat for two hours. >> it contains elements including additional water, crews monitoring onboard conditions, making sure crews are providing communication to keep passengers informed. we have rescue locomotives and rescue trains available. we are making an effort to put passengers first. >> reporter: metro is having heat-related delays. operating red line trains between new york avenue and rhode island avenue in five miles an hour because of a heat kink on the tracks. they are expecting more heat kinks in the coming days. they are taking some of their cars out of service where they find they are having faulty air conditioning. this pepco crew behind me is hoping to have power restored in the neighborhood of northeast washington so residents don't have to endure a rerun of the heat of the night. live at the scene, back to you in the studio
especially in the case of an emergency. darcy spencer is live in potomac maryland with the latest and i understand you found some people who were breaking the rules? >> reporter: that certainly is the case. officials want people to cut back on their water use by about 30%. that's simply not happening. people are cutting back by 10%. the wssc and police officers are going out and enforcing these restrictions if you violate these restrictions you could face a $500 fine. water fountains can be a great way to beautify your landscaping. using them is a violation of the suburban sanitary conviction's mandatory water restrictions. managers at this apartment complex were given a written warning in order to shut it off or face a fine. they turned it off. it would require fresh water to keep it operational and so we requested he shut that down and they were cooperative. >> 1.8 million wssc customers are being urged to reduce their water use. the utility is replacing a 96-inch main in danger of rupturing, but wssc customers are still using way too much water. >> green lawns are great, but a green
of the past. researchers at the national institutes of health in maryland are developing a universal flu vac. it would protect people against all strains of the flu virus, including the deadly h1n1. the protection would last for several years so would you only need one shot. right now vaccine makers have to come up with a new flu shot every year because the virus changes constantly. if it goes well they said the universal vac could be available in a few years. >>> and memory loss may be connected to the weight of women as they age. a study out of northwestern university found for everyone-point increase in body mass index, a woman's memory score dropped a point. researchers looked at the brain function is that weight of more than 8,500 post menopausal women. even if a woman has normal blood pressure and cholesterol levels, weight can still play a major factor in memory loss. >>> coming up, something to consider the next time you decide to travel with your pet. a new discovery reveal that some dogs are more likely to die airplanes than other breeds. >>> after workers heard voices in the walls
in brandywine, maryland. his mother objected to having the guns around. still transporting load asked concealed weapons is a claim in prince george's county. after a guilty plea today, he is sentenced to two years no pro-bags and month months supervised detention. he will have to wear an ankle bracelet. >>> way the sentencings take place in this courthouse and under the guidelines of the state, this is about what everybody gets. >> i'm ready to get on with my career. put this behind me. i look forward to doing positive things on the court and most likely, my biggest contributions are going to come off the court. >> reporter: he is ordered to perform 40 hours of community service. he told the court, his youth mentoring that he's already been doing. and he apologized for his actions, noting he realized because he was an athlete, many young people placed him high on a pedestal. he is ordered to undergo psychological counseling and treatment. >> reporter: after his apology, the judge said he had talked himself out of a third year probation. >>> today a federal judge in phoenix heard the first of se
that there has been some slight decrease in water pressure in rockville, maryland, at this point. again, we do not see people who are working to stop this. it can happen quite a distance from here as they make the effort to shut off this water. we want to show you what it looks like here. this is south glen road, i believe. you can see all that water which is just a shame to see that being wasted coming down to the ground from that 29-inch water main rolling down the road here. the good thing is, that this is a very not heavily congested neighborhood. the houses are far apart and it's hilly. that water as far as we can tell is not going into someone's basement at this point. it has not even torn up the road yet, although as these tens of thousands of gallons of water come gush out of the hole next to the road you have to worry what is happening underneath the surface of that road. earlier, i think we have video of what it looked like earlier a short time ago. don't know if we've shown you that yet. we spoke to a couple people who were trying, spoke to a couple people trying to get through this
been six heat-related deaths in maryland. that ties all of last year. virginia and the district have already surpassed their numbers of heat-related deaths. jim? >> thanks, jane. stay cool. >>> the big temperatures are the start of a wicked week. tell us all about it. >> another heat wave for us. it was nice last week but we were getting the cooler temperature and did get the cooler temperature across the area. now we've got the stagnant area in the high heat and of course, we get any one of these during the summer is bad enough. together they just spell a day with poor air quality. today, code red. the first time that we've had a code red day since 2008. mid july, the 17th and 18th. that's why we've been telling folks to stay inside. here's a like the temperatures. it is 6:00 and we're still at 97 degrees here in the district, as well as down through la playa. we've had some cooler air though right near the water. annapolis and leonard town and all the way over to ocean city and around dover. there you can see how light those winds have been today. couple pepper and manassas with th
in the death of maryland streerp wesley brown. the prince george's prosecutor charged anthony milton with participating in the trooper's murder. brown was killed last month while working as an offduty security guard at an appleby's restaurant. the gun used in the death belong to milton but they don't believe he pull the trigger. the charges still include first-degree murder and several handgun offenses >>> the latest now from silver spring where the lines, the power lines are down and it has caused problems for the metro. they are moving the passengers to a rescue train. 41 passenger stuck on that metro train for quite some time but they are hopefully close to being able to get safely out of there. nobody injured. this is happening on the metro's red line. and metro is shut down between silver spring and forest glen. if you're waiting for somebody to get home who is taking metro or if you are planning to take metro to get home, should you expect big delays on the red line. that's up around silver spring. and forest glen. and again if there is a change in that situation, we'll let you
across our area. the crime rate in d.c. and maryland fell 8%. that's better than the national average. it shows a significant drop in violent crime. it includes 26.2% drop in homicide. the region did see an increase in burglary. police attribute that to thefts. electronic devices, car parts, and shoplifting. >>> federal officials say oil is leake from the cap on bp's ruptured oil well. it became noticeable today. this after a tighter cap was put into place on thursday. that cap will be left in place for now because the leak is not considered a major concerned. jay gray joins us from venice, louisiana work more on all of this. >> hey there. that leak and other potential seepage is enough of a concern that the incident commander has told bp to be ready, quote, at any moment. the shift from cap to containment, while they continue to investigate potential problems on the floor of the gulf. >> reporter: it can't block growing questions about conditions on the gulf. something is apparently seeping from the seabed less than two miles from the leak site. it has been a concern for scientists o
. that will get to some spots across northern maryland if it holds together. it could get to d.c. with where the front is coming through. there has been a handful of tornado warnings through new england today around hartford and bridgeport. you can see the heavier rains moving through and in terms of amounts from this system, look at erie, pennsylvania. the temperature cooled off to 78. 87 in morton with .400 of an inch of rain. there it is, the weather system and the watches that continue until 8:00 and 9:00 p.m. we are not under a watch. there is the weather system. it will come through. it will take a lot of the stickiness and steam out of area. 86. 90 in chicago. so not much cooler behind the weather system. in fact, tomorrow will be into the 90s. again work some drier, more comfortable summer air over us, as is the case up north. right now, it looks like 104 degrees in memphis. 100 in st. louis. the pattern is only going to intensify. a big ridge of high pressure controlling the east. as that builds, we'll get to 100 degrees. remember the last time? the air was pretty dry. this time, so
of weeks to ases the numbers. the stifling heat, 17 fatalities for maryland, nine for virginia and one for washington, d.c. heat is not anything that i'm fond of. i don't like the extreme heat because it takes more lives than tornadoes, hurricanes, floods and lightning combined. an average of 700 throughout the u.s. each year. here is a look at great falls today. very few ripples on the water. a light wind. with cloud cover we stayed under the 90-degree mark. 87. the low 72. if you are looking way out ahead for august, september, for october, our long range outlook. a 57% chance that temperatures will be higher than average. our average 88. currently reagan national airport temperatures 85. the dew point 63 degrees. the humidity 48% so it feels like we are at 87. even under the 90-degree mark. the heat is going to peak in the next two days. the heat index will be around 100. 77 by 11:00 p.m. skies remain partly cloudy. first thing tomorrow 74 to 75 degrees. behind me, the temperatures, through the nation's midsection, some of the highest numbers, the low 90s, omaha, wichita, put on the
surround by trees housed a prostitution ring. >> it all went down inside a house in waldorf, maryland. >> down a long driveway. investigators have stopped short of calling this place a brothel but they do say illegal activity was allegedly taking place in various rooms. >> second was being sold. we used some undercover people to go in and precipitate enough of an investigation and information in order to obtain a search warrant. >> reporter: after a month's long xdinvestigation, the undercover officers heard the home. heard the rules of the house and had their choice of girl. they also gathered information from the website advertising the services of one of the girls who happened to be just 15 years old. they arrested the homeowner patty tippett and her tenant, 29-year-old travis harrison. both were charged with operating a prostitution ring. >> the center for missing and exploited children had observed one of the kids that they were looking for on this website. then they contacted us and we put this together. >> reporter: neighber$ had no idea what went on. two driveways over from th
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